We recently became one of only a handful of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators in NSW to receive approval to fly our drones at night. Normally even licensedĀ UAV pilots are only allowed to fly during daylight hours, with flying after sunset strictly prohibited. In order to gain approval to operate at night, Talon Aerial had to expand our current operating procedures and policies to cover the unique situations that are encountered when flying a drone at night. Part of these procedures included that all pilots had to undergo additional training and assessment before they were allowed to fly after dark.

Once we had developed these additional procedures and updated all our manuals and training programs, they were then assessed by CASA prior to them granting us approval to operate outside of the usual daytime flight regulations. Flying at night does require additional preparation and time on site, including an inspection of the area during daylight. As you can see from the pictures below from a recent test flight we took the results are both unique and worthwhile.