Talon Aerial Media have partnered with a media production company who provide footage of breaking news incidents to Sydney television networks on a daily basis, to supply high quality aerial vision of these incidents.

There are certain incidents where aerial vision can assist in telling the story, unfortunately financial constraints have seen a reduction in the availability of traditional aerial vision, such as the use of helicopters. Advancements in drone technology have now made gaining this vision possible once again in an affordable way.

 We are committed to ensuring that this vision is captured in a safe, legal and professional manner. As part of this we have consulted with CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authoritory, to gain approval for these kinds of drone flights, as well as ensuring that the approval of the officer in charge of each incident is also gained prior to take off.

This communication with the emergency services at the incident has resulted in them requesting our assistance in capturing specific footage or photographs that can help them as part of their investigations.

This kind of drone filming requires a different approach to most drone cinematography work. There is only one chance to get the shot, there are no rehearsals or second chances. Safety is still our number one priority, regardless of where we are a full risk assessment is undertaken before we launch. Due to the high possibility of other aircraft such as Careflight entering the airspace, we always have an air to ground radio in operation so we can communicate and let them know where we are.

In order to ensure that we maintain a safe and discreet distance from the incident, we have equipped our drone with a special zoom lens. This lens allows us to fly our drone at an altitude where we will not pose a potential risk to people on the ground while still capturing high quality quality aerial video.

The next time you see aerial footage on the nightly news, it’s possible that it was filmed with a drone from Talon Aerial Media.