Talon Aerial Media was recently involved in filming footage for an episode of Channel 10’s “The Project”. The Project was running a story on drone safety following a recent incident where a drone crashed into a car travelling along the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.

We attended a location in Western Sydney and used our Inspire 1 with the X5R camera attached, to film FPV racing drones doing their thing. By using a drone we were able to capture footage of the racing drones from a unique perspective. There were a number of challenges in capturing this footage due to the small size and speed of these drones and the logistics of safely having 5 drones operating in close proximity to each other.

Racing drones are operated from a First Person View (FPV), this means the controller is wearing a headset that is showing them video directly from the drone. This gives the pilot an excellent view when flying the drone around a course, however makes it difficult to maintain a situational awareness of other drones in their vicinity. For this reason we established a number of rules and constantly communicated during the shoot to ensure that safety was maintained throughout.

Our task for the day was to capture footage of the racing drones and pilots in action, this footage was then combined with other footage that was captured from the ground and delivered to Channel 10. All of this occurred within the space of several hours and the package went to air on that evening’s episode.

Drone racing competitions are rapidly gaining in popularity in Australia and around the world. Despite using similar technology to our own drones, they represent an entirely different approach to drone use and it was an educational experience to see this side of the industry up close.