There has been a new addition to the Talon Aerial Media UAV fleet with the purchase of an Inspire 1 Pro fitted with the X5R camera. This latest addition to our fleet allows us to offer an increased range of capabilities across our existing services.

The X5R camera is the world’s first micro four thirds camera designed specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. For the benefit of any photography buffs, this camera sensor is equivalent to the Panasonic GH4. Unlike many other drone and camera systems, the combination of the Inspire 1 pro with the X5R camera allows us to easily take control and manually adjust the focus, aperture and shutter remotely, while the drone is still in the air.

The X5R camera attaches to our Inspire drone with a 3 axis gimbal that automatically stabilises the camera during the flight. The gimbal is in constant communication with the aircraft allowing it to quickly compensate for even the smallest movement, producing smooth footage and crisp detailed photographs. The X5R camera allows us to capture images in both JPEG and RAW formats and in another rare ability in aerial cameras, we can also capture video in MP4, MOV or RAW. The ability to produce RAW footage gives professional filmmakers a greater range of options and allows for much more flexibility in post processing and colour grading.

This combination of camera, gimbal and drone allows us to capture footage at up to 4k resolution and at a range of frame rates, up to 60fps, depending on the required resolution. When combined with our advanced ground control software, we have the ability to fly exactly the same course repeatedly, such as when rehearsing for a film shoot or to capture images with GPS precision from the same location regardless of how long it has been in between pictures, even over several months.

The Inspire drone and X5R camera combination makes an impressive addition to our fleet and we expect it to undertake the majority of our work in the future. Keep an eye out for it on our next assignment.